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OLTO design


Nous connaÎtre

Architecture and Interior design studio Olto is created to use your desires, your needs and you imagination as a jump to making your own world wilder and bigger. It is created to open that little door to the big ideas. It is created to make you amaze even yourself of your own idea.

 We at Olto design look deep in your identity, you dreams, your needs and desires. We ask the right questions, listen carefully and analyze. We listen and analyze and then together we create something new, different. Something that has its own spirit and identity. Something made just for you. Inspired by You.  Something that is the pure and perfect reflection of you.

Our team is  comprisedof a whole list of specialists: craftsmen, handymen, constructors, electricity specialists, pluming specialists, graphic designers and so on. But they are all united by Olto design- architect Kaloyan Tonchev and designer Ivaylo Tonchev.
And “YES” we do admit our biggest  flaw – perfectionism.
Making the perfect architecture or interior design project follows those easy steps:
1. First and most important step is the conversations we have with you. In those conversations we build the foundations of our idea and our plan.
2. The second step is making the project until it is flawless.
3. The third step is putting it into action and making it real. We have all the specialists you need to make it happen all the way.
4. Step number four is “Seeing is believing” – closing the project and seeing that all that is left is the feeling of satisfaction. Because working in a good team surely brings us to success.
5. And the final step, number five is making sure that YOU / our client / is happy and satisfied, because there is no better way to advertise yourself than having a satisfied client.

We believe in your ideas – trust US.